IT Transformation

Devops and Kubernetes

Based on our experience in designing, implementing, running and managing cloud infrastructure projects. We combined it with our general understanding of classic on-premise IT infrastructure, including integrations and migrations we provide DevOps consulting.

Our DevOps consulting includes expertise with Build & Release Management as well as consulting on DevOps organization and setup. The purpose is to make the IT organization more cohesive, efficient and secure. We achieve this by bringing together developers, testers and executives and give them joint responsibility for software being built and running. Operational is giving the organization a higher degree of automation of the processes involved.


DevOps covers the words Development and Operations and are equal parts change management and technology. In the perfect DevOps world, software can be rolled out many times a day without crashing and without worries. It is a way of organizing the company that has to deal with so-called functional silos. And ensure a much faster time-to-market than with traditional software development.

This means that:

  • Can deliver new features faster
  • Get more stable applications
  • Avoid hectic roll-out days
  • Get higher code quality
  • Get fewer and less extensive errors
Mindcore DevOps Cloud
Microsoft 365 Governance


Modern applications are increasingly being built using containers. With Kubernetes you can build, deliver and scale apps quickly and efficiently. Kubernetes is an open source software designed for large-scale deployments, reducing the administration overhead of managing a container environment. 

This is how Kubernetes works
Server applications are becoming more and more complex to meet the business needs of today’s organisations. Kubernetes provides a simplified, economical solution for delivering large numbers of applications and services, while providing a high availability solution. Kubernetes offers an open source solution that controls where and how these containers are created.

Kubernetes provides a centrally orchestrated  solution to manage a group of containers that supports a group of applications and/or micro services and API buses. 

How we can help

If you want to implement DevOps or improve your existing DevOps organization. We help you set up and automate the entire process. Which includes advice on both the right organization, how to get from development to production. We will at the same time guide your employees through the principles.

  • With DevOps and Kubernetes we can help achieve large scale flexibility
    The release rate of development increases as containers, environments and the teams working with as well as developmental operational complexity will increase.
  • With Infrastructure as Code we can help organize and manage your resources effectively
    Infrastructure as Code increases the consistency and visibility of resources across teams, reducing the probability of human error.
  • With constant monitoring we can help accelerate the feedback loop
    To reduce the time spent between failure and resolution a full overview of resources, clusters, Kubernetes API, containers and codes are required. From monitoring the state of the container to centralized logging.

What we deliver

We consult our clients with define the new DevOps organisation where essential principles of agile development such as short feedback loops and close contact between customers, testers and developers are essential. We help establish a Continuous Delivery setup that enables you to quickly, securely and sustainably make changes (new features, fixes or other) in production.


If you have a problem to solve or a task to handle, you should simply go to peoples desk rather than calling them on the phone – and you should call them on the phone (or later Skype) rather than sending them an e-mail.


De fleste virksomheder oplever, at antallet af angreb på deres IT landskab stiger samtidig med, at angrebene bliver stadigt mere komplekse. Det tvinger virksomhederne til