Microsoft 365 Governance

Microsoft 365 Governance is all about ensuring an agile platform that support the company’s business processes while at the same time protecting critical data and ensuring that policies and compliance requirements are met. 

When do we typically discuss M365 Governance with our customers
Many organizations find that M365 implementations are about a lot more than the technical implementation. M365 –and especially Office 365 –is designed to be an open flexible platform for collaboration. Working from anywhere -with anyone -from any device. Technically M365 is a very strong platform –but to gain the true business value of the platform, without compromising security and compliance, strong governance around the platform is key.Mindcore’sgovernance concept involves organizational decisionmakers through a number of workshops, guiding you from the strategic level to the operational implementation of both governance and guiding principles to ensure lasting organizational change

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At a glance

1. Analysis:

  • Customer requirements and expected outcome
  • Current setup and licenses
  • End-user involvement and test
  • Plan for PoC

2. Windows autopilot:

  • Assign licenses
  • Setup Autopilot profile
  • Configure policies and fundamental settings in MEM admin center


  • Involve agreed test users
  • Run PoC for a defined period
  • Continuous analysis of the PoC and support to test-users


  • Document learnings and conclusions
  • Present findings
  • Plan next steps to put PoC into production